Licence FAQ
How much will the licence cost?

There are a number of factors we consider when formalising a quote for you, subject to obtaining approval from the Artist/Composer. Alongside the requested information in this form, we also consider the popularity of the ‘Song’, profile of the Artist, and what other copyright holders (if applicable) have quoted for the requested track.

my project is not-for-profit / does not have a budget– can i licence a track for free?

No - we do not grant fee-free licences.

What is the process for licensing a track?

In order to clear any music for inclusion in an audio-visual production you need to obtain two separate permissions, one from the owner of the specific Master Recording of the work (the Record Label) and one from the owner of the Musical Work written by the Songwriter (the Publisher). In many cases Warp Records and Warp Publishing collectively control both the Master Recording and Publishing rights and will be able to clear both sets of rights (‘both sides’) in one go.

Firstly you will need to provide information about the project and track you are interested in licensing. For certain projects we ask you to include additional information in the final text box as follows;

  • ↦ Grand Rights requests: details of the list of performances, venues and dates, as well as audience capacity and ticket price in each venue;
  • ↦ Podcasts requests: audience/subscriber numbers, number of episodes by season, is the requested usage for one or more episodes, primary streaming platform partners, details of sponsors;
  • ↦ Compilations requests: list of formats, PPD price by format, proposed PPD royalty and advance, anticipated units manufacture & sale by format and/or streaming album equivalents, full tracklisting, release date, releasing label
  • ↦ Print / Artwork / Set Dressing requests: description of how the artwork will be used (please send an image of the artwork in context where possible), publication or production details, publisher, details of other materials clearing for the publication or production.

We will review this information, ask you for further clarification if needed, and then if an agreement is reached we will seek final approval from the Artist. If the Artist approves the usage, then we will issue you with a music licence agreement and invoice for the agreed licence fee.

To clear our music for sampling, please contact [email protected]

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